Green Revolution - G NAMMALVAR


Nammalvar, was a Tamil, Indian green crusader, agricultural scientist, environmental activist, philosopher and organic farming expert celebrated for his works on spreading Ecological farming & Organic farming. He led the protest against the methane gas project started by Great Eastern Energy Corporation proposed in the Cauvery delta region of Tamil Nadu. He trained hundreds of youths as trainers and helped many farmers to be master trainers. Nammalvar was the author of several Tamil and English books on natural farming, pesticides & fertilizers and was featured in magazine & television programs


We Eat Corps, Not Crops! …


One of his sayings was: “Farming is not a way of producing crops to make money. It is a way of living, and a way of living that is possible even in the 21st century.” Nammalvar spent a substantial part of his time actively touring the south and conducting training classes on ecological farming. He was in the process of setting up several research cum training centres across South India. The first was at Surumanpatti, Kadavur in Karur district. He was also actively involved in linking different farms and institutes around the world so as to accelerate the process of ecological development.

A pressing memory of a Conference on Slow Food in Italy leaves Nammalvar a bit touched. Meanwhile he calls it his seventh and last important experience in life that affected his eating habits. There a paper presented by a resource person talked about a strange branch of science –intestinology, in the words of Nammalvar. The packed food items exported from America are very expensive and to buy those products we pay 40% of the cost towards shipping charges, but paying nothing to the farmer who produced it! “What is the solution for that?” wonders Nammalvar. He suggests that we should eat what is cultivated in our own land, in our own nearby village. He says he has developed the habit of eating the fruits and vegetables that grow in the nearby lands, even the paddy grains.



Recognising his extensive work in the field of agriculture, the Gandhi Gram Rural University, Dindugal, honoured Nammalvar with a Doctorate of Science degree in 2007.


Life Style

Dr. Nammalvar died on 30 December 2013, near Pattukottai, while on a trip to protest against methane program by ONGC that he had been opposing for a long time.


Farming Techniques

He is not among us but the legacy he left behind is priceless, only if we keep on passing his wisdom & farming techniques to our future generations to protect our soil from men made poisons.


Organic Farming

The Logical Indian hopes that more and more farmers move towards organic farming and save our land, water, soil & souls from contamination. The government seriously takes some measures to encourage farmers to go with organic farming.