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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
- Hippocrates, 460 B.C.


Global Vegetarian Certification Services (GVCS) an independent certification body which is the one & only certification body that certifying consumables, drugs, cosmetics and restaurants as Vegan, Vegetarian, Jain Vegetarian and Non-GMO compliance certificate to cater the needs of Vegan, Vegetarian, Jain Vegetarian and human community around the world. GVCS caters independent auditing, corporate training, awareness program, monitoring product compositions and services...


Our Services



GVCS certifies the entities that will scrutinize the process with the detailed list of products and components, ingredients for which they require certification, this also confirms the manufacturing facility, production process and other hygienic protocols.

Site Auditing

Site Auditing

Quality and Food Safety are now part of the organization’s strategic plan with defined performance metrics of the organization. Whereby GVCS professionals shall schedule for site visit to gauge the unit and follow the next set of actions.

Lab Testing

Lab Testing

GVCS offers a single point, comprehensive solution for all your analytical, testing and research needs to ensure the product quality.



Our in-house training includes those which are offered as per the international quality standards & guidelines based on food safety, security and compliance. There is a training structure specifically tailored as per the audience.

Post Certification

Post Certification

Supporting the organization right from the providing new ideas, creating new business opportunities’, starting with competitor products evaluation and benchmarking to decide the specifications for your product.

Expo & B2B

Expo & B2B

GVCS facilitates and provided the Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Industries with an International Mega Event and platform where they can showcase their products and services to the various international audience of Buyers, Sellers, Traders, Distributors and Investors etc. at one common platform.

  • Transparency
    With a certificate according to an International Standard, you show that our organization fulfills the complex requirements of a modern food management system, and is well prepared for the future.
  • Integrity
    By acquiring GVCS as your certification partner, start the journey towards having an effective and meaningful management system that supports your business objectives and growth.
    “It is our policy to provide assessment, auditing, certification and public training services which benefit our clients and contribute to the overall integrity and value of international certification.”

Benefits of GVCS Certification

  • Global Market

    Opportunities to tap the global market of about 10.3 billion people

  • Independent & Reliable

    GVCS Logo is an authoritative, Independent & reliable testimony to support various aspects of Vegan, Vegetarian, Jain Vegetarian, Non-GMO and Organic claims.

  • Multiply Growth

    Small cost Investment relative to multiply growth in revenue.

  • Enhance Enhance Marketability

    Enhance marketability of certified goods in new market.


We are hoping to make more and more
people to realize that eating less or
no meat can be fun, healthy and friendly.

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